At Controlled Irrigation Services we provide a range of different services to ensure that your reticulation system is working the way it should, keeping your grass happy and effectively you happy.

If you have any queries regarding our services please fill in our contact form and we will get into contact with you.

Complete System Check

At Controlled Irrigation Supplies, our team can perform a complete system check where we program your controller, then clean all sprinklers and nozzles.

After this we will test the solenoid valves so that they are in working order and finally we’ll check for leaks in both the mainline pipe and the master valve.

DIY Help

Are you planning to install your own reticulation system? Do you have questions regarding how to do this? The solution is to come visit us and talk to our professionals and we can help you with the reticulation system planning.

Free Design Service

Our team can provide you with a free design service where we will analyse your current reticulation system and come up with the best system to help you. If you are currently building a new property and need a reticulation design created, we can do this for you. Conditions apply.

Installation and Extensions

If you need your new reticulation system installed for you, our team can set this up for you at a competitive price. Our team members can install provide extensions to your existing reticulation system. For more information please contact us today

Insurance Work

If something has happened to your reticulation system or water bore and it has been covered by your insurance agency, Controlled Irrigation Supplies can assist you in getting your system fixed up.

Repairs & Maintenance

Controlled Irrigation Supplies offer a repairs and maintenance service where we come out to your property and perform maintenance and if require repairs to existing reticulation systems. Contact us today for further information.

Specialised Advice

If you are in the market for a new bore pump and you’re not sure where to start with this, you can talk to one of our professionals who can provide you with advice on selecting a new bore pump.


If you are unsure with your system not working properly, we can send one of our staff members to your residence and they can test your reticulation controller and reprogram if required.

Valves & Wiring

We understand that reticulation systems may encounter valve or wiring problems from time to time. We can fix solenoid valves and wiring problems.

In saying this, we can also find valves that have been lost and wires that have been broken.